Friday, April 13, 2012

Half Way to Closing Thanks from an Urban Farmer

Hi Donna,

I know we're not through this house process yet :) but I'm just so grateful for all your hard work on out behalf, I wanted to send along some half way til closing gratitude! You are such a fantastic advocate and ally and I'm consistently amazed by your expertise and efficiency. I know you work very hard, often thanklessly. Please know that every minute you spend helping us untangle this totally mystifying process is so so so appreciated!

Our house may not seem like much but we have big dreams for it, and it is an important step to realizing so many personal and professional goals. So of course I know there's more stress and paperwork and details to come, but I know you'll do your best to help us through it. And that gives me a lot of trust and confidence (no pressure!) :) Also THANKS for your patience and sense of humor. Maybe we'll name something in your honor on the "ranch": a hen? a worm bin? a tree? We'll see.


Melissa Mundt

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