Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bought Their Vacation Home Sight Unseen

I was referred to Donna Moulton in 2005 by a mutual friend. My husband and I were interested in purchasing a townhome that we could use as a winter getaway. We were in New England, and it just wasn’t possible to go look at each property that interested us. We knew we wanted to be centrally-located and we gave Donna a few criteria.

Donna and I both kept an eye on the MLS listings, and if something looked promising, she would tour the property, take many photos of the inside, outside, and the neighborhood, and send them to me immediately. Most of the time, she recommended against purchasing a particular property. The neighborhood might not be what we wanted, or the floor plan was funky, the views were not good, etc etc. Donna has a great sensibility when it comes to real estate, and I grew to trust it.

Eventually a property came up and the listing looked promising. She immediately went to take a look and reported that “this is the one.” We purchased the property without seeing it firsthand!!!! It sounds crazy, but I never hesitated. When we saw it a few months after buying it, there were no surprises. It was exactly what we expected.

We eventually moved to Tucson full time and Donna helped us purchase another property. We kept our little winter getaway, and it may eventually become our retirement home when we scale down.

I recommend Donna highly. She is trustworthy, and she understands the real estate market like no one else. I think her science background gives her the edge when it comes to analyzing properties and the market in general. She really looks after her clients’ best interests.

Alison Jones

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