Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving at Govinda's

Had a delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving feast at Govinda's. The guest of honor was this gorgeous fellow, who was supposed to be someone's Christmas dinner in 2013. When friends of Govinda's heard about it, they raised the $15 to buy him directly from the farmer. When the farmer was told that the turkey was going to become a pet rather than dinner, the price went up to $20, but eventually fairness prevailed, and this dude has been working the Thanksgiving gig ever since. And I mean work. We spent two hours on Govinda's lovely patio, enjoying the weather and the amazing food, and this turkey calmly circulated, patiently visiting every table and waiting for his picture to be taken. He moved so slowly and regally, he only made one circuit of the patio in two hours, keeping his tail spread the whole time.