Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the (Inside) Cover of Southwest Hydrology

My grad school bud Betsy Woodhouse is co-founder and publisher of Southwest Hydrology, a beautiful and informative trade publication. I told Steve that the hydrologist on page 5 of the most recent issue looked like Garrett Jackson, a geologist friend of ours who used to work at the Arizona Geological Survey at the desk I occupied after Garrett left for Seattle. Garrett also happens to be one of my fabulous clients, but we decided it probably wasn't Garrett posing with the RiverSurveyor, which looks a fun remote control boat.

Then Steve made a positive ID of another fabulous client and friend on page 2. There's Alison Jones with Clear Creek Associates! Alison, I see you have a conch shell and some Arizona minerals on your desk. What's that brown rock in the foreground? A memento from Maine or Louisiana? Actually, it looks like some sandstone I collected on Pinal Creek back in my well drilling days.