Friday, April 14, 2017

The BBC Eats Tucson

Tucson was featured in the April issue of BBC Good Food. The writer's first impression of Tucson, upon seeing the mountains, the desert, the magnificent saguaro cactus with their "hands up!" was the same as mine: I'm in a Roadrunner cartoon! I have never gotten over the delight of that whimsical revelation. The roadrunners who dash and pause, dash and pause across my back yard are my spirit animals.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tucson, and All That Jazz

I love this video, filmed in downtown Tucson. Look for the Snake Bridge, the old Chicago Store (RIP), the Ronstadt Center, Cafe Magritte (RIP), the stone ramada on A Mountain, the Fourth Avenue underpass, the Rialto, the old Fourth Avenue trolley (RIP), the old clock on a pedestal next to Veinte de Agosta Park (west side of Church Avenue, south of Congress--site of the Occupy Tucson encampment) and the bus stop in front of the Aloft looking toward the Palm Shadows Apartments. 

The Tuesday Night Bike Riders were surprised to roll into the live filming on the Snake Bridge, but the Sylvan Street sax player and film maker were cool with it.

Anyone know the location of the beautiful mural?