Friday, August 1, 2014

My Favorite Neighborhood

CASA CON LOTE GIGANTESCO. This solid masonry House With The Huge Lot is nestled in my favorite neighborhood, Tucson Park West 3. Home Sweet Desert Home. High above the city in the Tucson Mountains, you'll enjoy wide streets, cleaner air and usually more rain and lower summer temperatures than down there in the flat lands.

Yet you're only 10 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from UA. Even better is our 65 acres of common area, from which you can hike all the way to Saguaro National Park, crossing just two streets.
But you may not want to leave your quarter acre lot with walled back yard and mature trees.
The cheerful Arizona Room adds 150 bonus square feet to your home.
Three bedrooms, two baths, living room plus family room. The floor plan is here.

This well maintained retreat is reluctantly being given up by its owners of 26 years. 
Here's your chance to become a grateful TPW3 homeowner. Sold for $160,000 on September 17, 2014. The buyer was willing to pay full price, $165,000, but the appraiser made us reduce the price to $160,000.