Friday, May 22, 2009

Carnivaleros CD Release Tour

Speaking of Jim Lipson, check out his article in the Tucson Weekly about another of my favorite clients, Gary Mackender, squeeze box operator and leader of the amazing Carnivaleros.

You can find Doc Squeeze and his cohorts tonight at 9 at Plush on 4th Avenue; Sunday at Boondocks on 1st Avenue at 6, and on Sunday, June 13, they will be at the scene of the crime, Triangle L Ranch in Oracle.

Wayback Machine at 17th Street Market

This just in from my client extraordinaire Jim Lipson, percussionist with Wayback Machine.

This Saturday, the Wayback Machine will violate one of its sacrosanct rules: performing before the noon hour. They make an exception for their debut at the World Music store in the 17th St. Market.

For almost three years, the Market has enriched Saturday shopping by showcasing live music from 11:30am to 3:30pm. If you have not yet been to the 17th St. Market or Music Store, do yourself a favor and check it out: fresh produce, fantastic fish market, extensive array of Asian groceries, acoustic instruments, local CDs, and lots more.

The Market is at 830 E. 17th. St. just west of Euclid Ave., in the old warehouse district close to the train tracks. Take Euclid south from Broadway, turn west on 18th St., then follow the signs north and west to the Market.

For this acoustic gig they'll be joined by Shanti Foster on violin, mandolin and guitar and Mike Begala on guitar and mandolin.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chicken Coop Tour

Years ago, a woman who lived next to one of my clients in Northwest Tucson gave me some gorgeous green eggs from the hens she kept in her back yard. The yolks were a rich deep yellow and the taste was fantastic. Ever since, I've wanted to have my own chickens.

I've been thinking lately that we need to get more self sufficient. Plant an organic garden, install some solar panels and a rain water harvesting system, and get some chickens.

I guess a lot of other people are thinking the same way, because this Saturday from 9 to noon, the Food Conspiracy Coop is sponsoring a back yard chicken coop tour.

A lot of these chicken wranglers are way ahead of me in the sustainable technology game, and some of them will be demonstrating their solar ovens, rain water harvesting, and other cool ideas.