Saturday, January 20, 2018

What To Do If You and Your Dog Encounter a Coyote

Conflicts between dogs on a leash and coyotes shouldn't happen. Coyotes should be afraid of people, but if people feed coyotes or other wildlife, the animals can become aggressive. This is bad for wildlife, people and pets, so let the wildlife be wild!

When walking a dog in coyote territory, use a six-foot, non retractable leash. Avoid sunrise and sunset. Be prepared to act threatening toward the coyote. More tips are here

Javelina can and have caused serious damage to people and pets with their sharp tusks. It's best to stay away from javelina, because their eyesight is poor, they can't tell the difference between dogs and the coyotes that kill their young, and they could perceive an innocent dog and his human companion as threats.