Thursday, August 30, 2012

Like the Views from Desert's Edge? Buy My Neighbor's House

I have spent many hours watching and listening to the wildlife in the back yard of my home, Desert's Edge. Many of the photos in the Urban Wildlife section of my blog were taken there. If you would like to share my extreme good luck in owning a home on the edge of the desert, here's your big chance. My neighbors have hired me to sell their wonderful home.
Let's start with the back yard, which is adjacent to 65 acres of common area owned by the home owner's association. Before you say "Yuck! Homeowner's association!" let me tell you that the dues are $41.50 per YEAR, which mainly pays the taxes and insurance on the common area.
The owners have created a wildlife viewing paradise, with a porch that extends 55 feet, all the way across the back of the house. They built this porch strong enough to support a deck, from which you would be able to see the city lights, and four mountain ranges. On the roof is the solar water heater panel.

The inside of the home is also a delight. Bright and well-maintained, it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
The floor plan is here.
The kitchen and living room floors are polished saltillo, and the rest of the floors were recently tiled with a decorative saltillo-look-alike ceramic. Close to Tumamoc Hill and only 10 minutes to downtown.
Solid masonry construction and all work done by professionals with building permits. If you know another neighborhood where you can own this kind of view for this kind of price, please let me know about it, because I've never seen it.
Sold for $145,000 in December 2012.