Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TLC's "My First Home" is Coming to Tucson

My First Home is a half-hour series for TLC that focuses on the ups and downs of first-time home buyers as they undertake the most important purchase of their lives. They meet the buyers and learn what they are looking for and tell their story of how they found their first home. They will meet with the REALTOR who guided the buyers through each step as they search and find their new home. The show will combine the basic facts of home buying with the emotional journey of the buyers.

They are looking for couples who are outgoing, energetic, and interesting first-time buyers with a great story to tell. Every first-time buyer has a unique experience and wants to share these stories with other prospective first-time buyers.

All events that occurred during the buying process will be recreated. They are looking for the most memorable first-time buyers who closed between May 2009 and the end of December 2009. The bigger the personality and excitement for being on the show, the better the chance the buyers will be featured on the show.

There are no fees or costs to the REALTOR or Realty Company. If cast, they ask the REALTOR to be available during shooting and assist in finding homes that were similar to what the buyers saw during their search. During each half hour episode they will tour at least three homes (one is the actual home the buyers bought).

The production crew will travel to Tucson from Los Angeles and spend one week here recreating the home search and other events (home visits, inspection, meeting with lenders, etc.) as they happened.

All of the participants from the last three seasons had a great experience and enjoyed watching the final product. For more information on the show please go here.

They are looking for casting tapes to come in ASAP! The sooner they get a tape the better chance the REALTOR and buyers have of getting cast. The crew will be coming to Tucson in either January or February of 2010. Please contact Laura Kruszewski laura@tucsonrealtors.org or 520-382-8775 if you are interested.