Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last Monday, Tucson Association of Realtors switched us to a new Multiple Listing Service software provider, called FlexMLS. Chaos has ensued. Nobody, not even the people at tech support, can explain how to do the simplest things. It took three days for me to do a comparative market analysis on my most recent listing. See the delightful 10660 E Rusty Spur Drive, posted below. I had to scribble all over my listing presentation because the new system does not display the information we need. I used to be able to prepare a listing presentation in about four hours, and it would look great. FlexMLS needs a lot of improvement.

If you were receiving auto-prospecting listings from me by e-mail, and they abruptly ceased on Monday, this is the reason. Unlike previous switches to new MLS systems, this time, our prospect searches were not carried over to the new system, so I need to enter them all over again. I'm running as fast as I can.

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