Monday, April 22, 2013

Lost a Neighbor, Kept a Friend

I was disappointed when my neighbors Joe and Wayne told me they wanted to sell their house, but I'm glad I was able to help them. This is from Dr. Joseph Yukish, a trainer of teachers:

After waiting four years in the housing crisis for the house to sell, we decided to list again with Donna. She is the most amazing person and wonderful realtor. Her knowledge about the market helped us to create realistic expectations for the sale of our home, and it did, in fact, sell! Finally!!! Although Donna is not the one who found the buyer, she made the sale of our home possible by 1. Giving us suggestions about how to prepare it for the market. 2. Following up immediately with the realtor who brought a prospective buyer to look at our home. She would then give us feedback about what the buyer's impression of the home was, IMMEDIATELY! 3. Throughout the listing, she made us aware of the state of the housing market was in Tucson, allowing us to set realistic expectations for a selling price. 4. When we did get an acceptable offer, she orchestrated the proper submission of paperwork or duties we needed to complete to take the sale to closure. 5. The buyer wanted to make some renovations to our home, and Donna was excellent in setting up times for her contractor to come into the home allowing us to deal with taking care of Thumper and Lady Gray our pet cats. 6. And finally, she took us through the closing process in person, sitting by our side to answer questions and support us in the necessary procedures. I have bought and sold many homes in my life, and I place Donna Moulton at the "top of the heap" of realtors who worked with me. She is professional, competent, and very understanding of the angst and reactions homeowners have when selling their home. I was once told by a counselor that selling a home and moving is one of the top five stressors one must deal with in a lifetime. If you want to make selling your home possible, I can't promise it will be less stressful, but I can tell you this wonderful lady will be there to support and guide you through the ordeal. Hire her!!!!!!!

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