Friday, October 19, 2012

Cat on a Elastomeric Roof

Our little orange tabby, Sunbeam, loves to go outside, especially when she can help her body guard, Steve, do yard work. When she doesn't want to go out, it's a cinch that there's bobcat in the yard. Sure enough, Steve went out and nearly stepped on this sleeping bobcat. The bobcat's reaction was much closer to the annoyed range of the scale than frightened. He slowly ambled away, jumped on the five-foot wall, and glared over his shoulder at Steve. He jumped down behind the wall, but soon re-appeared on the roof of the carport and resumed his cat nap. Even when I pulled a chair out into the yard to stand on it and take photos from 20 feet away, he continued his snooze. This all happened at our house near Ft Lowell and Campbell.

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