Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Happy Golfer Buys His Desert Retreat

This is an unqualified endorsement of Donna Moulton. There are few times in a life when one encounters a person who is a credit to their profession and Ms. Moulton is among that small group. As an out of state buyer, I was lucky to find Donna through a friend of a friend. I bought the condo I was hoping to find with a minimum of hassle. She is very smart, thorough, proactive, consistently efficient and extremely personable. I never felt she was pushing me into a sale, and several times, she discouraged me from further investigating a listing. (I believe it was because sheunderstood my preferences.) On a few occasions she made sure I wasprotected with written counter offers when the seller gave verbal assurances. Since she’s been at it for many years, she works very well with title company officers, HOA contacts, fellow realtors and the like. She’s terrific.
-Andy Araneo

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