Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Equinox

Last fall I celebrated the equinox by observing a light phenomenon on a petroglyph near Picture Rocks Road. See my September 26, 2011 post for details. I went again on March 20, and got these cool photos.
The dagger pointing to the center of the spiral started to become visible as three dots of light at 11:10 AM.
The dagger point reached the center of the spiral by 11:20, and soon after that, the whole petroglyph was in the sun, and the show was over.
It was fascinating to see this evidence of the earth's rotation, and to know that people were watching this event a thousand years ago. This phenomenon was only rediscovered a few years ago, but like many of our planet's wonders, occurs whether we watch, or care, or try to interfere.

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