Saturday, August 7, 2010

July Residential Sales Statistics

The Tucson Multiple Listing Service has released Residential Sale Statistics for July

While the average and median sale prices held steady from June to July, the number of sold units dropped 32% in that one month. Most buyers had to complete their home purchases by June 30 to qualify for the $8,000 tax credit. In July, we saw not only the usual lack of interest in summer home buying, but also the abrupt loss of one huge government subsidy for home buying.

FHA accounted for 36% of the financed sales. Changes are coming in September that will make it harder for buyers to use FHA financing.

Amazingly, 27% of the sales were cash. Many of the foreclosed houses are too damaged or neglected to qualify for financing. Investors are buying these sorry wrecks at incredibly low prices, renovating them, and reselling a few months later for twice as much. While the investor purchases drag down the values of neighboring houses, the resale of renovated houses to homeowners pulls the values up, and helps stabilize neighborhoods.

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