Saturday, August 15, 2009

5151 S Montana Place

This home is outside my usual stomping grounds, but it is such a fabulous value, I couldn't resist. My client is a professional renovator. He and his wife bought this property a few months ago as a foreclosure, and they have completely transformed the house into a home.

New roof and evaporative cooler, fresh paint, paneled doors. Tile on all the floors. The oak kitchen has new counters, and the bathroom has deco tile. The back yard is enclosed with a new privacy fence.

I am especially excited about El Pueblo Community Center, only a block away. Swimming pool with water slide, basketball, day care, library, adult education, senior center, weight room, computers. It's amazing.

Three bedrooms and one bath. You can see the floor plan here. The floor plan is pretty cool. It has camera icons you can click to see views of the house. You can also play with furniture icons to see how furniture could fit in the house.

While the legal description says it's a townhouse, I did some research and found the homeowners association was dissolved in 1993, so there are no worries about fees and HOA politics.

This home sold December 1, 2009 for $66,000.

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