Friday, June 5, 2009

Night Blooming Cereus

We had a record bloom of the night blooming cereus that sprawls all over Steve's wood pile. May 27, five blooms caught our interest. We could see that the big night would be May 28, so we put post it notes all over the house to remind ourselves not to miss it. We were really excited to count 55, 56 or 57 blooms that night! Wow! We counted over and over, and got a different number each time, so we aren't sure exactly how many flowers we had, but it was very impressive. The old cactus still wasn't done showing off, and May 29 we had five more blooms and then on May 30 there were two.

Last year I wondered whether the full moon had anything to do with the timing of the bloom, but I guess it doesn't. The moon was just a beautiful new sliver this time.

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