Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday I was enjoying lunch with my friend Linda at my Tucson Mountain home, Desert's Edge. Suddenly, I noticed a mule deer in the back yard, then two more! I was so excited. I had never seen deer there before.

I knew my neighbor, who has a gigantic non-native mesquite tree and a waterfall, used to have a family of deer who came to drink and relax in the shade of his back yard every day. I was jealous, and wanted some deer of my own. I plan to install a waterfall to lure them to my yard.

These most welcome guests hung around for several hours, chomping the bushes, striking beautiful poses, and lying under my less shady, native mesquite.

I felt so honored. They renewed my resolve to install a waterfall and vegetation that will attract more wildlife to my desert paradise.

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